Attention – Busy Moms: Do you HATE the fact that your body weight is creeping up with no real help in site?
And who said it was OK for your health and fitness to get pushed to the back burner!?
My name is Mark Vymislicky.

I have spent years – literally! – working with busy moms just like you. I help them reach their goals DESPITE crazy schedules and endless responsibilities.

If you’re a busy mom, you know it’s easy to be confused by the amount of “eating for fat loss” information that is out there.
And let’s face it – month after month, year after year you’ve tried to go on a the latest, greatest diet (or supplement or whatever!) only to give up a couple weeks later in sheer frustration when you step on the scale to find little to nothing has changed.
Well if this sounds like you then I’m here to tell you …
It’s Not Your Fault
It’s been proven…these exasperating diets and expensive pills just DON’T work!
And none of these ‘solutions’ are practical for a busy mom anyway…
The problem is – nutrition accounts for at least 75% of you results! So you CAN’T afford to ignore it and hope for the best!
To end the frustration and confusion of eating for fat loss, I’ve got nutrition strategies, meal plans and recipes…and combined them into one, powerful, fat burning resource…
FINALLY! Fast and Easy Supportive Meals for
Busy Moms!
With this simple, stress-free, easy to use cookbook you’ll never have to worry about what to buy, how to create meals or how to eat for fat loss again.

You’ll be able to breathe easy, knowing exactly what you should be eating to slim down, naturally and effortlessly. 

This Cookbook will even turn you into a wizard in the kitchen…  

Teaching you everything you need to know about how to save time, save money and make healthy, fat burning meals and snacks for you and your family so you can get your body back and actually enjoy the process! 

Let’s have a look at what you’ll discover in the Cookbook:
  • The 5 Supportive Eating Habits To Boost your Metabolism and Burn More Fat in the first week!
  • What NOT To Eat If You Want FAST Fat Loss
  • Top 10 Fat Burning Foods for Busy Moms To Transform Your Body
  • Quick and Easy Meal Planning Cheat Sheets
  • Simple 4 Step Meal Planning Crash Course to get started right away
  • Daily Meal Plan Samples to take the guess work out of planning
  • 10 Ways to Make even the most boring food interesting
  • Snack recipes that actually help you burn more calories in-between meals
  • Quick and Tasty Smoothie Recipes
  • Keys to Curb Your Sugar and Late Night Cravings So You Never Fall Off The Wagon
  • Low Cost Healthy Eating Guide
  • Over 200 pages of delicious and easy fat loss recipes including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Soups to help you stay on track and get your body back faster and easier than ever!
The best part is…it’s completely FREE!

That’s right.

We have decided to GIVE YOU this awesome resource simply to help you get started taking control of your diet.
It’s time to make YOU the priority again!
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